Our dedicated team of Paediatric Department and our Modern Medical facilities provide Specialist Care to Infants requiring care for a wide range of Complex Medical Problems.

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Advanced Centre For Pediatrics Care at Shatayu Hospitals Hinjewadi, Pune

Paediatric Department provides a variety of health-related services ranging from preventative services, anticipant guidance, assessment of well-being, treatment of ails covering minor to utmost complicated and life-changing to all age groups (fetus, invigorated, child, toddler, pre-school, academy- age, and adolescent). All these age groups have unique health conditions.
We at Shatayu Multispeciality Hospital work as a team of pediatricians and other specialties along with the most advanced individual backup installations to give maximum benefits to our cases.

Paediatric Department

Shatayu Multispeciality Hospital for Paediatrics & Neonatology is a top-notch center for childcare that provides comprehensive paediatric, surgical, and immunization services to children over. We follow a holistic approach to treatment with our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, Paediatric and Neonatal Emergency, etc.

Shatayu Multispeciality Hospital has a state-of-the-art pediatric department that offers customized and largely effective treatment for various conditions found in kids.

The pediatric unit offers
Newborn care
Level III NICU care
Child vaccination
Newborn screening and Pediatric treatments

To ensure that children are given the most suitable treatment, Shatayu employs the best pediatric team comprising of trained pediatricians, experienced nurses, and other medical staff.

Facilities at Pediatric Unit
Shatayu Multispeciality Hospital s pediatric treatment is the right one to connect with

Ultramodern Ventilators
During an oral test, a dentist will check the patient’s teeth, gums, jaw, and tongue for signs of complaint or abnormality.

Non-invasive Ventilators CPAP/ BIPAP
Our ultramodern dental facilities are specially designed for easy access and maximum comfort.

Ultramodern Vaccination Center
In addition to the general dentists, our specialists include pediatric dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, endodontists, periodontists, and prosthodontists.

Nebulization for Breathing Problems
We give dental care for cases whose medical condition or disability makes treatment in a conventional dental practice impractical or difficult.

Accepts most major dental insurance plans
Utmost major insurance plans are accepted including Anthem, CIGNA, Delta Dental, Guardian, Met Life, and United Healthcare.


We believe that babies are the blessings of God. And, taking good care of them is our duty and responsibility.
Shatayu Multispeciality Hospital, India’s leading child healthcare hospital offers a vast range of pediatric services, from managing complicated medical conditions and chronic diseases to immunization. We offer the best professional advice for your baby’s growth and development. We also offer nutrition comforting for babies and toddlers, explaining to the new parents when, why, what, and how to start solids, etc. We give children the necessary medical guidance to recover from sickness and grow healthy.

We’re one of the best pediatrics hospitals in Hinjewadi, Pune furnishing holistic pediatric care at an affordable cost with the best pediatricians. A healthy child is a happy child. We at Shatayu Hospital are working to give a healthy childhood to the children of our community. We Offer the Best Care, Support, and Guidance to families throughout the parenting Trip. We give quality care from newborn to adolescence. Each time we feed to thousands of families from across the state and beyond. We believe in converting the trust bestowed upon us by furnishing ethical health care results to their loved bones at the right time. We offer 24 * 7 services with a compassionate team of dedicated doctors and nurses.

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