With our expert team of Nephrologists and state-of-the-art diagnostic and medical equipment, we provide treatment for simple to complex Nephrological Conditions

Nephrology Hospital in Hinjewadi

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Nephrology is the branch of internal medicine’s subspecialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of kidney-related diseases. A human body has two kidneys; they are the bean-shaped organs located on either side in the retroperitoneal space. Kidneys are responsible for removing waste products and excess fluid from the body. They are also critical for retaining fluid intake and maintaining electrolyte concentrations that may be subjected to change due to numerous conditions or medicines. Welcome to the Best Nephrology Hospital in Hinjewadi – where we provide the highest quality of care and expertise in kidney treatments. Our team of experienced and dedicated Nephrologists specialize in treating all sorts of kidney diseases, from diabetes and hypertension to kidney stones and chronic renal failure. We strive to provide personalized, comprehensive, and cutting-edge treatments to keep your kidneys healthy and functioning at their best.

Several kidney complications are systematic disorders, i.e. they are not only confined to the organ itself. These conditions need specialized treatment and medical care.

The Nephrology Division at Shatayu Hospitals offers comprehensive care to patients suffering from a spectrum of chronic and acute kidney diseases. We are one of the best kidney hospitals in India renowned for using advanced facilities and treatment options. The Nephrology experts at Shatayu Hospital consistently invest time, effort, and expertise to help people maintain their kidney health through various non-invasive procedures. At the Best Nephrologists in Hinjewadi, our team of experienced and dedicated physicians are committed to providing comprehensive, personalized care to our patients. We specialize in diagnosing, treating, and managing a wide range of kidney diseases, from chronic conditions to acute illnesses. Our team utilizes the latest technologies and treatments to ensure optimal outcomes for our patients. Here, your kidneys are in the best hands.

Our team of experienced Nephrologists is acclaimed for its rare clinical skills and for providing top-notch treatment to all classes of people ranging from children to adults. We at Shatayu Hospital boast an adroit team of professionals including kidney transplant specialists, nephrologists, urologists, and other nursing staff.

Diseases Treated Under the Branch of Nephrology

Nephrology focuses on ensuring the normal functioning of kidneys by treating conditions that hinder its processes. The various conditions that fall under the scope of nephrology include:

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