Internal Medicine

The Internal Medicine Department is committed to providing complete Personalized and Preventive Healthcare Services.

Best Internal Medicine Hospital in Punawale

Department of Internal Medicine at Shatayu Hospital provides comprehensive preventive, diagnostic & curative medical services for all patients. The department effectively delivers most recent diagnostic & therapeutic advances rationally to a large number of patients daily. Shatayu Hospital provides the best internal medicine care in Punawale. Our experienced team of physicians and medical professionals is dedicated to providing personalized, comprehensive treatment plans tailored to each patient’s individual needs. Visit us today to get the quality care you deserve!Shatayu Hospital Internal Medicine provides the following:

Our doctors are especially skilled in the management of patients who have undifferentiated or multisystem disease processes. The Department of Internal Medicine is also an ideal starting point for patients requiring specialist care as we coordinate the therapeutic efforts of multiple departments to make the best decisions for the patients.Shatayu Hospital is the leading Internal Medicine hospital in Punawale, providing the highest quality of care and support for patients. Our experienced team of doctors and nurses are dedicated to delivering the best possible healthcare and strive to put patient safety first.


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